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    Aug 2020
    September Registration 2020 – 2021

    We are now open for nursery tours and enrolment for the new academic year. We cater for all ages up to Foundation Stage 1 (aged 4 years).


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One of the Best Nurseries in Dubai

Sandcastle Nursery is more than a school. It is home away from home. With an option for British or French curriculum, we focus on active learning and providing an engaging and secure environment. To be a Sandcastler is to be smart, creative and capable.

As one of the premiere nurseries in Jumeirah Dubai, our mission is to create an environment where children can thrive, learn, and grow through highly innovative and creative means through the English or French language. Our aim is to nurture, motivate, and encourage children to have a hunger for learning. We want to help create a strong foundation for them to develop into bright, inquisitive, capable young learners, preparing them to face the bigger wonders of the world.

To achieve that, we have put together an immersive learning experience for young learners, augmented by professionally trained educators, comprehensive educational programs, and world-class facilities.

Why choose us over other nursery schools in dubai?

Sandcastle Nursery has drafted its curriculum according to the EYFS framework, which is designed to nurture the different aspects of human development, including communication and language, physical ability, literacy, mathematics, personal growth, social awareness, and emotional development.

Our long-term goal is to become the best nursery in Dubai. With that in mind, we continue to push the envelope, progressing towards creating a better, more comprehensive learning platform for children to be better equipped to face real-world challenges. Taking from the best practices of leading British nurseries here and abroad, we are aiming for the highest levels of excellence in terms of resources, facilities, staff competence, curriculum development, and health standards. As such, our learning curriculum is an amalgamation of development programs that can be found in a British nursery.

a nursery in Jumeirah with a refreshing, invigorating environment

At our Jumeirah nursery, children are allowed to roam and learn about their environment through firsthand experience, under the close supervision of our highly trained educators and staff members. Extra-curricular activities are integrated into our learning curriculum to create a holistic personality development format for young learners.

Additionally, parents can get updates on the progress of their children through a well-formatted daily diary, outlining the progress of their children and the activities they engaged in throughout the day. We also provide daily updates through our website and our Facebook page.

Make sure your children is getting world-class education to prepare them for the future, have them learn about the world at Sandcastle Nursery, one of the best nurseries in Dubai. To find out more, contact us today.