Holistic Curriculum

Sandcastle follows the popular British Curriculum. When you enroll your child in a British curriculum school, you are giving him/her good quality education.  When you enroll your child in Sandcastle you are giving him/her the best.

Here’s why.

  • Focus is on all round development( Emotional, Social & Personal)
  • Improving communication and language
  • Gaining knowledge and better understanding of the world
  • Stress on expressive and aesthetic development
  • Emphasis on physical development and movement

A Sandcastle student grows to become a creative and self-reliant individual with leadership skills. The student then iscapable of pursuing whatever he/she dreams of.

Becoming the Super kid

The All-Rounder – Armed with positive attitude, a Sandcastle kid is ready to take on the world. Sandcastlerslearn the art of expression and communication through fun methods like story-telling, role play, picture description and singing songs. These activities help kids experience a range of human feelings and teach them to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. Through these enjoyable exercises, kids learn to be aware of different values and attitudes that will help them face a culturally diverse world confidently. Our all-round development method focusses on the following.

  • Developing confidence, self-esteem and a strong sense of security
  • Taking care of  themselves and their personal safety
  • Learning to be independent
  • Perfecting the art or perseverance
  • Clear expression of needs and preferences

Your Smart Expert – Language and communication are the key to healthy relationships in a society like ours. At Sandcastle Nursery, the focus in on developing your junior’s skill in language so that the kids can communicate well,understand ideas and refine their thoughts.Sandcastlers have fun with words, language and making stories. Pictures and written marks are used to express ideas. Children are also encouraged to talk about pictures, to ‘read’ picture books and to re-tell favorite stories to adults and peers.

Your Whiz Kid – Children try to make sense of their world from the minute they are born. Their natural curiosity drives them to explore and understand their environment using their senses. Sandcastle Nurseryprovides them the opportunity to discover their environment in a variety of ways. Kids are taught toobserve shapes, colours, patterns and sequences of events in their environment by listening, touching and even smelling. They are encouraged to ask questions, match and compare information.

Little smarty pants

During their time in Sandcastle Nursery, the kids learn to

  • Ask questions, experiment and solve problems
  • Recognize patterns, shapes and colours in the world around them
  • Identify and use numbers up to ten during play experiences and counting games

Your Rockstar Junior – Creativity is at its peak during the formative years of education. Sandcastle Nursery is an expert in identifying and nurturing the potential that children have. The kids are given freedom to express ideas and feelings and are encouraged to imagine. Our Nursery is a place where a child’s senses are engaged and stimulated.

So who’s the next Picasso?

The art room in our school helps provide an opportunity to children to investigate and use a variety of materials and to explore line, shape, colour, pattern and texture.Also children have the opportunity to enjoy music in all its forms, participate in playing instruments, sing and move rhythmically to music.

Your little Sportstar – The importance of physical education cannot be ignored. Children’s physical development is influenced by their growing confidence and enjoyment of physical play. Sandcastle Nursery helps in increasing the capacity of children to control their own bodies through movement. As children grow, they become faster, stronger and surer of their balance. It is then that these skills come into play.

­It’s playtime!

Sandcastle encourages kids to

  • Enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Explore different ways in which they can use their bodies in physical activity
  • Develop increasing control over movements of their fingers and hands
  • Be aware of the importance of health and fitness.

Give your child, the Sandcastle edge.